Streaming – Winter 2020-2021

We are excited to announce our partnership with TKDS Sports Network to stream a variety of Fairmont Athletic contests (in some cases both home and away) during the Winter Season!
How To Watch:

Fans will be able to view this network on a smart TV, ROKU or Amazon Fire Stick. You can also search TKDS Sports APP in the iOS and Android play store. When using a computer it is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser. Please use this link for more detailed viewing information:


· Option 1: $60 per account for all contests streamed
· Option 2: $20 for a 7-day account for all contests streamed during the 7 days.

How To Register:

Please use this link for additional pricing information, to view the full list of events, and to register for the Fairmont Sports Network:


TKDS Sports Network has a Tech Support Phone number and Web links to help you get on the site to view the games, reset your password, etc. Please visit this link for more information:

A portion of each purchase goes to TKDS Sports Network and a portion comes back to Fairmont Athletics. This will be a great way for families to stay safe and still follow their favorite Firebird teams as well as bonus coverage of other sports!