Practice Plan


Thought of the Day:

Can you give 5?


On Court:

Tennis Warm-Ups (3:20-3:30):

  • Cross Court Consistency – 3 courts, start rally, error you rotate out, keep track of errors

Dynamic Warm-Ups:

  • Cherry Pickers
  • Hurdle Walk
  • Knee Hug/Lunge
  • Arm Circles
  • Laps
  • Stretch


  • High-Five Footwork
  • Stations:
    • Medicine Ball Toss (2 Courts)
    • Jump Rope
    • Jump Squats
    • Football Tap

Skill Building:

  • Groundstrokes – Fast feed 2 to each side. Work on cross court. Shoulders, hips
  • Net Sprint – 4 per court (use half the court). You play out a point. As soon as it ends you have to sprint and touch the net first. If the loser of the point gets to the net first, no point is earned.
  • Doubles:
    • Doubles – Score is earned by points and effort
    • Doubles pairings
  • Singles
    • Serves – start at service line, then shift back
    • Serve Index
    • One Handed Backhands – use cone, work drop feed.
    • Heckler – I heckle players rd. 1, they can argue back rd 2
    • Pink Elephant


One Point Tournament

Stealer – 2 players rallying. 2 people up at the net (stealer) if the net person in has to play it out. If they win they get 3 points, if they lose, they lose 3 pts.