Kettering Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Physician appointments can be made Monday – Friday by calling (937) 395-3920

Kettering Sports Medicine
4403 Far Hills Avenue
Kettering, OH 45429

Additional Kettering Sports Medicine Services:

Sports Acceleration

Offered at the 4403 Far Hills Avenue and Tipp City Kettering Sports Medicine Locations.

  • For athletes of all sports and skill levels
  • 12 or 19 sessions
  • ACL Bridge Program – transition from physical therapy
  • College athlete programs
  • Team training – on-site & off-site Training
  • Super treadmill
  • Nutritional analysis and counseling
  • Increase speed, strength, and agility

    Call today to schedule your sport specific program (937) 395-3905

Dartfish Motion Analysis

  • State of the art video software
  • Break down mechanics of sport specific movements
  • Instant visual feedback
  • Used by Olympians
  • Call (937) 395-3905 for an appointment

Therapy 2 Fitness

  • For patients who have completed physical therapy and are continuing to work towards their fitness goals
  • Up to 60-minute sessions
  • Individualized one-on-one time with a licensed athletic trainer
  • Overall fitness training to include cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength components
  • Emphasis on core stability and areas of weakness
  • Safe and professional training to ensure proper form and technique
  • Dietary analysis
  • Call (937) 395-3905 for low hourly rate
  • Far Hills location only

Metabolic Rate Evaluation

Understanding your metabolic rate can help you control your weight loss and gain, weight related health conditions and identify balanced eating strategies.  Our program features:

  • Use of the MedGem oxygen consumption device to determine metabolic rate and percent body fat
  • Review of your current physical activity, calorie intake, and nutritional needs
  • Detailed information explaining metabolic gap
  • Personalized plan of action including nutrition consultation, meal planning, and exercise goals
  • Call 395-3905 for more information

Sports Nutrition

Our sports nutritionist, Cindy Cassell PhD., LD, RD, can help you develop skills related to nutrition choices, physical activity, stress management, and behavior modification. All nutrition plans are individualized. You will learn how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat is in your current diet; as well as any nutrients that your diet may be deficient in such as zinc, calcium, or iron.

Athletes will receive information on caloric intake directed towards performance enhancement. You will also be guided on what to eat and drink before, during, and after events and training sessions.

Food coaching is also available and includes analysis of your favorite restaurants with attention to convenience, budget, nutritional content, and personal likes and dislikes. Our staff can provide follow-up nutritional e-mails to provide ongoing expert advice.

We can also provide in-services and lectures on nutrition and wellness to your team or professional group. Call (937) 395-3924 or click here for more information.

Stress Tests & Linking Lab to Life

Kettering Sports Medicine offers advanced physical fitness evaluations for you, whether you are just beginning to exercise or if you do advanced work-outs. Our programs include:

  • Measurement of aerobic fitness
  • Determination of maximal heart rate
  • EKG (physician supervised)
  • Body composition
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Nutritional analysis
  • VO2 max testing
  • Determination of anaerobic threshold

Our exercise physiologists, physicians, and nutritionist will create a customized training program to help you meet your goals! Call 395-3905 for more information.