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7th Annual KSM Symposium

2016 – 7th Annual KSM Symposium Presentations:

Fueling Training for Peak Performance – Cindy Cassell, PhD., RD, LD

Running Injury Prevention – Corey Whipple, AT

Running Shoes 101 – Eric Contreras, Runners Plus

Foot and Ankle Imaging 2016 – Joseph Blake, MD

Ankle Rehabilitation – Billy Cannarozzi, PT

Ankle Scopes and Instability – Dr. Hatic

Orthotic Intervention for the Foot and Ankle – Mark Horwitz, CPO, LPO

2015 – 6th Annual KSM Symposium Presentations:

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy – Kendra Foley, MPT

Evaluation of Hip Pain in Adults – Dr. Jerry Ahluwalia

Comparison of Osteoarthritis and Femoroacetabular Impingement – Kristine Flais, DPT

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Hip Strengthening – Candace Gorby, AT

Common Hip and Pelvic Injuries in Sports Medicine – Dr. David Buck

Considerations with the Sacroiliac Joint – Leah Wilson, DPT