Girls Varsity Soccer · Gsoc – Birds defeated by State Ranked Elks in 2nd Half

The Varsity Lady Firebirds traveled to Centerville Wednesday to face the Undefeated, division leading Elks.  Centerville’s #5 rank in the state did not stop the Firebirds from coming into the game with confidence and determination.

Both teams fiercely battled back and forth the first half the game creating a very high paced and exciting atmosphere.  Goalkeeper O’Malley Quinlan came up with some big saves that could have easily resulted in a goal or 2 deficit.  Fairmont’s Defense stayed strong throughout the first half by quickly stepping to the ball and limiting the Elk’s to only a few shots.  Senior Captain Sophia Grossman made several critical stops with strong tackles in the backfield.

As the half came to an end the score was tied at 0-0.  Adjustments were made by both teams as coaches and players went over their game plan for the second half.

Again, both teams came out ready to battle as the second half began.  Three minutes into the half a failed attempt at a through ball lead to a quick counterattack. The Elk defender cleared the ball up the middle, splitting the Firebird defenders.  A lightning fast Elk player got to the ball the same time as the defender, but was able to get a touch on the ball to create a breakaway at midfield.  As she quickly dribbled from right to left an there became an opening for her to capitalize.  The ball was strongly slotted on the ground, past a diving goalkeeper and into the bottom right of the goal.  This gave the Elks a 0-1 lead.

Seventeen minutes went by and the Firebirds were continuing to fight, but fell victims to another turnover that had them on their heels. During a throw-in on their own half of the field, an Elk player stepped in front of the player and won the ball.  A quick pass through the middle of the defense gave them another breakaway.  This was a very short one with defenders on her back and a charging goalkeeper.  The Elks had already experienced several breakaway opportunities and were able to time the goalkeeper’s dive perfectly.  The Elk player was able to run onto the ball and with her first touch got just enough power to chip the diving goalkeeper from about 18 yards out, giving them the 0-2 lead.

The final goal came with fifteen minutes remaining in the game.  A turnover from a ball cleared out of the Fairmont defense was intercepted just over midfield, creating a 4v2 attack for Centerville.  The two defenders were forced to shift over to the side of the ball, leaving the back side runner wide open for a through ball.  She collected the pass as she took a touch to set herself up around the 18 yard box, then blasted a perfectly curving shot into the left side of the goal with the outside of her left foot.  The Elks would go on to end the game with a 0-3 victory over the Firebirds.


Next Game: The Lady Firebirds will host the Wayne Warriors on Saturday 9/12/2020 for Senior Night.

JV will begin at 5:30 pm

Varsity will take the field at 7:15 pm, with the Senior Ceremony beginning around 7:00 pm

We will celebrate the high school soccer career of Allison Bauman, Annie Ayres, Team Captain Kerry Donoher, and Team Captain Sophia Grossman.  All four of these ladies are 4-year letter recipients for Varsity Soccer.