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Good evening Parents/Players,

Here is your weekly update:
Monday: home vs Lebanon (all teams)
Tuesday: FR/JV 4:15-5:45, Varsity 5:45-7:00 Main Gym
Wednesday: home vs Trotwood (freshman vs Bellbrook)
Thursday: FR 3:30-5:00 (West), JV/VAR 6:00-7:30pm (Arena)
Friday: Fr/JV off all weekend as well
Var: function and prep for Classic in the Country
Congratulations to all teams this past weekend at Northmont.  All 3 teams came away with a victory for the 2nd time this season.  This morning, I put together our #45th practice plan of the year and it’s nice to see continued growth from our teams.  I truly believe that practice is an important part of every program.  It gives all players the opportunity to improve and get better.  Those results can transfer to the game.  I tell our Varsity kids all the time about having a solid practice vs going through the motions.  The last two games, it has taken a while to get going and part of that is in our preparation.  The old saying of “Practice doesn’t make Perfect, but Perfect Practice makes Perfect” is an interesting take.  We all strive to be flawless and have a perfect game or even a perfect grade in school, but that doesn’t always happen.  That is all part of growing and going through each process.  I am so proud of all of our kids and all of our teams for their continued hard work.
On a personal note, yesterday was the first time in our family where both of my kids had a basketball game on the same exact day.  It meant a few things to me:
#1–my kids are growing-up very fast
#2–I must be getting older
#3–basketball & athletics are a small piece of what we do as a family, and  although it doesn’t define who we are–it has a role in what we do and how we do it.
I would say I am pretty grateful for our extended Firebird Family!  Thank you to those that continue to support our kids, my own kids,  and our program.
Go Birds!
PS:  Congrats to Madison Bartley for reaching the 1,000 point club!  She joins Madeline Westbeld this season in reaching a huge milestone!  Congratulations Madison!  We will celebrate the milestone tomorrow before the tip of the Varsity game!
Coach Finn