Girls Varsity Tennis · Dasha Dotsenko – DDN Athlete of the Week!

Name: Dasha Dotsenko

School: Fairmont

Grade: Junior

Age: 15

Sports: Tennis

Claim to fame/honors: First singles player for Firebirds; unseeded player at sectional became first Firebird in eight years to qualify for state tournament

Bet you didn’t know: I speak 3 languages fluently — English, Spanish and Russian

Words I live by: “Never give up on your dreams”

Toughest opponent: Springboro

Biggest influence: My first coach, Ilya Kislitsyn, in the Dominican Republic

Match-day rituals: A lot of talking to myself

What’s on my bedroom walls: Drawings and paintings that I’ve made

When I’m bored I like to: Play video games

Favorite movie: “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

Person who would play me in a movie: Julia Stiles

Favorite TV show: “Supernatural”

I can’t live without: Tennis and pizza

I can live without: People who chew with their mouth open

Event I’d like to attend: Wimbledon

Favorite book: “Open: An Autobiography” by Andre Agassi

Favorite home-cooked meal: Russian dumplings

Favorite restaurant: Chick-fil-A

Favorite smell: Something baking

Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms

Store where I’d like a shopping spree: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Vegetable I won’t eat: Brussels sprouts

I’d love to trade places for a day with: Jennifer Aniston

Whose mind would I like to read: Stephen Hawking

Place where I’d love to travel: Norway

Talent you’d like to have: Doing a handstand for a really long time

Favorite school subject: History

Favorite athlete: Maria Sharapova

Favorite team: Ohio State

Favorite Olympic sport: Skiing

Something in the world I’d like to change: Poverty

Favorite sports moment: Making it to state

Favorite junk food: Pizza

Best thing about tennis: The individuality and being in control of your match and its outcome

In 10 years, I hope to be: A firefighter