Coed Varsity Wrestling · WRESTLING WEEKLY – Sept. 9-15

We began Fall Training this past week and had a good start for both lifting & mats – let’s keep it up!
Eligibility for wrestling is based on 1st quarter grades.  We are almost to the midpoint of 1st quarter.  Athletes should be taking care of their academic business so we don’t have any issues.  In a nutshell, to be eligible to participate, athletes must have passed 5 credits and have above a 2.0 (1.5 on academic intervention).  Physical Education (PE) does not count as a full class, so be very aware if you have a PE class AND a study hall.  I am checking grades every week… but I can’t do the work for the athlete.  Any questions, let me know!
REMINDER # 2 – CHIPOTLE NIGHT (flyer attached)
Chipotle Dine Night is this Tuesday 9/10/19 – spread the word and get out and eat burritos… or bowls, or salads, or tacos, whatever!  (bring flyer)
Please make an effort to participate – it’s an easy fundraiser… tell everyone you can and go out to eat, that’s about it!
REMINDER # 3 – FOOTBALL MANIA CARDS (directions attached)
Football Mania cards are due Friday 9/20/19 (sold or unsold, we need them back!).  Remember, the more you sell, the less you pay for warm-ups!
NOTE – all 500 of our cards have been distributed to sell.  At this point, direct potential buyers to the online link –
Ff you really need some more physical cards, I can put in an additional order.  Or if you KNOW you won’t be selling any of your remaining cards, please have your athlete give them back!
2 Mon 9-Sep LIFT 3:20-4:30

(w/ Coach Swain)

Prodigy Live 7:30-8:30
Tue 10-Sep MATS 3:30-4:45 Beavercreek 6-7:30  CHIPOTLE DINE NIGHT !!!
Wed 11-Sep LIFT 3:20-4:30

(w/ Coach Swain)

Prodigy Live 7:30-8:30 PARENT MTG (6:30 / RM 413)
Thu 12-Sep Early Dismissal

MATS 6-7:30 PM

Fri 13-Sep LIFT 3:20-4:30

(w/ Coach Swain)

Sat 14-Sep
Sun 15-Sep Mason 6-8
Wednesday Parent meeting is tentative due to some scheduling issues.  If it needs to be rescheduled, I will send email/text.
(Fall Info & Fall Calendar attached)
2019-2020 Season Practices begin Fri. 11/15/19 (get Physical & Final Forms done!)